Engage In Education

Christ followers from many local churches are leading the way in the positive transformation of all public school campuses in Costa Mesa. As we connect and partner churches with Costa Mesa’s 13 elementary and six secondary schools, we have identified vital needs that compel our attention. The five areas that require us to both care and act include literacy rates, teen mentorship, staff morale, school beautification, and parental involvement.

Ways to Get Involved

Work with children to improve literacy rates either during or after school hours, and mentor a teen to help our youth succeed.
Partner with parents to support them in their own education, which will influence that of their children. Build relationships and get involved with computer training, English courses, and cohort programs to improve parenting skills.
Foster positive learning through pleasant and comfortable learning environments. Become involved in school beautification projects or help improve the classroom setting in under-resourced schools.
Support and encourage teachers through gifts for their classroom, personalized supply baskets, staff appreciation breakfasts and lunches, thank you notes, and lots of

Initiative Leader

Ashley Anderson

Ashley was born and raised in Westside Costa Mesa and has served in our city as a children’s pastor, credentialed teacher, and community group leader. Ashley is passionate about literacy development, educational equity, and building unity within her hometown..

You may contact Ashley at ashley@wearetrellis.com